"The preferred business partner in the maritime and offshore industries."

Our Work

Marine operation, warranty and surveys

Towage and transport of Heavy Cargo
  • Prepare procedures and on-site supervision for towage of vessels
  • Prepare wet and dry towage of jack-up and semi-sub rigs
  • Provide tow master and Owner/Charterer representatives during towage
  • Conventional and nonconventional transport of heavy cargoes
Third party review and witnessing
  • Loading, unloading, transport and installation of offshore structures. Issue Certificate of Approval for readiness
  • Weighing and land transport of heavy structures
  • Bollard pull trials and load tests
Offshore Operation
  • Prepare drilling and standby location approvals for Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODU)
  • Provide marine advisor for field moves of MODU, Pipe-Lay and Construction barges
  • Provide mooring and loading masters for FPSOs/FSOs including STS operation
  • Damage survey for claims including P&I
  • Conduct investigation of marine incidents and accidents
Inspection and Certification

We carry out the following inspections and audits:

  • Condition and Suitability surveys
  • Pre-purchase review and inspection
  • Safety and Valuation inspection
  • Equipment pre and post shipment inspection and witness testing
  • New construction and Upgrading audits
Due diligence surveys and Feasibility studies

  • Conduct OVID and CMID inspections of all vessels operating in the offshore oil industry
  • Perform marine audit for vessel owners for bidding and award of offshore operations
  • Feasibility studies for marine operation including engineering to meet offshore requirements
  • Vessel vetting, Hatch leak test, P&I, H&M, Flagstate and Dynamic positioning assurance including trial, audit and FMEA
Risk management and HSE facilitation
  • Third-party review / verification
  • Hazardous operation analysis (HAZID, HAZOP, SIMOPS)
  • Safety evaluation and Reliability analysis
  • On-site support and training
Project management, training and verification

Provide expertise to assist the client in evaluation of tendering proposal

Provide training of ISPS, Marine Advisors, Rig mover and Marine Surveyor

Provide on-site expertise for new and upgrading of offshore vessels in the following areas :
  • Review and approval of all plans and drawings, equipment and analyses
  • Site inspection and monitor progress
  • Liaise with owners, shipyard, vendors and classification society
  • Witness site testing and sea trials
  • Project logistic and manpower support
Port terminal and Inland waterways consultation

Provide exclusive advice and contribute for developing rules and regulation as well as operation
  • Inland waterways consultation
  • Offshore development and operation including engineering
  • Terminal port operation and regulations engineering
  • Marine traffic, jetty integrity and bathymetry review
  • Risk and HSE studies including Port safety and security (ISPS)
Other services
  • Agent or Representative for reputable marine products and services
  • Ship brokering and chartering of vessels
  • Provide professional specialists for offshore operation
  • Marine consultant for windfarm, platform decommissioning, T&I, HUC, pipeline integrity and mooring requirement